JOURNAL of oral health

Official Publication of Dhaka Dental College Teachers' Association



Multimodal Approach for the Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus- A Study of 50 Cases
Kabir MI1, Gain SK2, Rabby MAI3, Reshma ST4, Rab MA5, Haider IA6

Post-Tonsillectomy Taste Distortion; Evaluation of Surgical Causes of an Unusual Complication
Chowdhury NH1, Kabir MA2, Islam MA3, Kazi MM4, Khan SR5

Serological Detection of Human Brucellosis among the Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) Patients in Risk Group at Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Rasheduzzaman M1, Nusrat K2, Ferdousi S3, Akter A4, Islam SS5, Mukta FY6, Begum SA7

Epidemiology of Fractures in Maxillofacial Region Occurring in Children with Mixed Dentition in Dhaka Dental College & Hospital
Gain SK1, Ahamed S2, Alam MM3, Akhtar MM4, Pathan NK5, Haider IA6

Management Protocol of Common Bleeding Disorders in Routine Dental Practice
Ahamed S1, Gain SK2, Alam MM3, Hossain MM4



Management of Unilateral Transverse Facial Cleft
Pathan NK1, Rashid MHU2, Rahman A3, Tondra HM4, Hossain MM5

An Orthodontic Guided Closed Eruption Surgical Technique of Bilaterally Impacted Mandibular Canines in an Adult
Gani MM1, Dina SI2, Rahman ML3, Hasan MM4, Hossain MA5

Submental Island Flap a Great Alternative to Radial Forearm Flap in Aspect of Reconstruction of Lower Lip Malignancy: A Case Report

Nandi S1, Bayzid AHM2, Ponir MR3, Kundu S4, Rahman MM5, Hossain MM6