JOURNAL of oral health

Official Publication of Dhaka Dental College Teachers' Association

Volume 24 Number 2 October 2022


Reasons for Patient Motivation in Seeking Orthodontic Treatment
Dina SI1, Gani MM2, Begum T3, Begum F4, Paul KC5, Rahman MM6, Hossain MZ7

Assess and Compare the Dental Anxiety between Male and Female Postgraduate Students of BSMMU
Basak DK1, Haque SM2, Islam P3, Jahan L4

Study of Sociodemographic Characteristics of Pre-Transplanted Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in Dhaka City
Sakib N1, Rahim Z2

Clinical Outcomes of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy: Study of 60 Cases
Yesmin F1, Akther SMQ2, Jahan N3, Roy SC4, Suddique AB5, Islam S6

A Clinical Comparision of Condensation Silicone Impression for Full Veneer Crown for Posterior Tooth using Two Different Techniques
Jahan L1, Rahman MM2, Kamruzzaman3, Islam MS4, Nasreen T5, Shihab SF6

Facial Proportions of Bangladeshi Young Adult Females using Neoclassical Facial Canons as criteria
Mafruhah K1, Kamal MZ2, Begum F3, Alam R4, Hossain MZ5

Diversity of Palatal Rugae among the Population of Chattagram
Sumaiya SF1, Zahur T2, Taher MA3, Alam D4, Reza R5, Tasnim S6, Alam MM7