Dhaka Dental College is the largest dental educational institution in Bangladesh. It was the first dental college of East Pakistan, established in August,1961 and it is the only government dental college in Bangladesh with a 200 bed-hospital situated at Mirpur 14,Dhaka. In the year of 1961 Dhaka Dental College started with admission of 6 students at Dhaka Medical College (DMC) . In 1963 College shifted to the roof (2nd floor) of DMCH out patient building (Its new and own campus) In Feb, 1965 First batch of students qualified as BDS doctors.In the 1987-88 Financial Year A project taken by People"s Republic of Bangladesh for new Dhaka Dental College buildings at Mirpur.On the 6th April, 1998 The new building at Mirpur was inaugurated by Our Honourable Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina & creat the modern era of Dhaka dental college. In March, 2000 All the Institutional activities started in the new campus at Mirpur.It is recognised as the best dental related educational institution for getting any kind of dental degree in Bangladesh.