Journal Of Oral Health April 2018

Clinical Evaluation of Repairing Material in Fractured Porcelain Crown: A Cross Sectional Study
Hossain MMM’, Howlader MMR’, Akhtar R’, Akter R4, Akter K’

Changes of Soft Tissue Facial Profile of Patients with Class  Malocclusion by Extraction Orthodontic Treatment.
Das R’ Ha,san GS2, Rafique T-"“, Munna NI’, Rahman MA’, Aziz SMA’, Da.s A’,Shariar S8

Oral Hygiene Practice among the Students of Selected Schools in Dhaka City
Akhtar R’, Sharmin S’

Assessment of oral and denture hygiene status in patients using Cast Partial Denture and All acrylic partial denture.
Nahar M’, Sultana A’, Tanzir K-"", Jabeen S’, Malik MAM-’, Begum S’

The Effect of Cantilever Fixed Partial Denture on Periodontal Health.
Howlader MBU', Huq S’, Malik MAM-"“, Haque AKMA’, Sultana A’

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of patients with Maxillary Defects in Military Dental Centre Dhaka
RahmanMR’, Hasan MW, Ra.shid SMM-"",Nabi M’,Shaikh ZUA-’, Rob MA’,Chowdhury GIvP

The Perception of COVID-19 among Bangladeshi Orthodontists
Paul KC', Sajedeen UP, Rahman SMM-’

Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Fractured Tooth by Componeer Laminate Veneering
Hossain MMM’ , Akter R’ , Akhtar R-’